Our team of graphic and web designers will develop a complete and coherent brand for your business. Logo, color scheme, website & promotional materials (monthly newsletters, brochures, business and gift cards) social media management. The concept will only be developed after profound research on target demographics, the location of your business, etc. Your clubs brand will be designed in a precise way to achieve the highest results in attracting new members. 


There is no stronger asset in the private club industry rather than your employees. The personal connections they form with your club’s members and the service they provide directly influence the level of satisfaction and the overall experience that your club delivers. We will take care of the the hiring, training and further management processes making sure only the most capable applicants are recruited for all positions,  from management to maintenance.


A crucial factor for both potential and existing members is their dining experience. The quality and type of food served as well as the level of service provided. That is why we take the training and educating both the front and back of house staff very seriously. Menu design and food presentation are paramount. Nothing other than the epitome of fine dining food, beverage, and service will be represented in your establishment.


We dedicate our time to learning the latest trends of the industry to make sure all the newest approaches to member recruitment are implemented. Everything from social media, on-site engagement, open house events, and member referral programs develop efficient and systematic approaches to recruiting new members.


We make it our business for you to succeed

It is a well-known fact that the industry of private clubs is not what it used to be. A change in lifestyle, income, and overall values of the X & Y generations call for a different approach to Private Club management. From daily operations to new member recruitment and retaining current members.

Here at Tanry, our team of young and passionate professionals makes sure that your club becomes a place that is relevant and modern. Providing service and amenities to the highest caliber your members will be looking for.